Micro Dot Helmet Company

2886 TX-16 North, Bandera, TX


Our Mission Statement

To inspire our customers to become regular participants in the American Motorcycle Riding Community.


About The Micro DOT Helmet Co.

The President and CEO of Micro DOT Helmet Co. has been actively involved in the biker community for well over 40 years.

As a natural born leader, he has lead thousands of people into the growing culture of motorcycle enthusiasts.

He and his staff also attend multiple biker rallies and events across the country including Thunder in the Hill Country, TX. Thunder Valley Rally, AZ, Bikes, Blues and BBQ, AR. as well as many others.

Meet Our Founder: Michael "MadDog" Lowthorp



Our Founder, Michael “Mad Dog” Lowthorp has been actively involved in the biker community most of his adult life.

As a veteran owned business, he and his team fully appreciate the necessities of safety, integrity and peace of mind.

When you serve your country, helmets are of the utmost importance.

Especially, if you want to stay alive! Mike's unique experience as a veteran gave him several lasting impressions.

Fortunately for Motorcycle Enthusiasts most of those memories involved a hot, heavy, itchy helmet.




As the inspiration was brewing, experience taught him that the Texas climate made wearing a motorcycle helmet a rather unpleasant experience.

One day, while riding in 110+ degree weather, he pulled over to hydrate.

As he removed his sweat drenched helmet, he realized the need for a small, strong, lightweight helmet.

He envisioned a helmet that was strong enough for DOT certification, light enough to be comfortable, even on a long-distance ride, and small enough to fit inside a saddle bag.

It was then and there, sitting under the hot shade of a freeway overpass, his thoughts gave birth to, Micro DOT Helmet Company!


Have the Same Vision as Mad Dog?



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You can also request to schedule a conference with the owner directly by emailing our retailer division.


What is a MicroDOT Helmet


A MicroDOT Helmet is a Bikers Helmet that has Five Key Features In Common:

1. It Weighs Less Than a Standard Bottle of Water.

2. It has a Soft Adjustable Quick Release Chin Strap for an Easy On-Off Experience.

3. It has a 1" polystyrene protective layer, the minimum required for D.O.T. Certification.

4. It is backed up with Life Time Warranty on the Safety Devices

5. The Rider is Protected with an Accident Replacement Policy.