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We are dedicated to providing you with as much information as possible regarding the "Biker Lifestyle". With everything from National, Regional and State specific events to vendors, repair shops, builders, restaurants & bars that all survive because of you, "the avid biker".


This is not a navigational app, although you'll find navigational app links that are easy for you to access. Just because a business, event, charity ride, or band, is listed on Bikers Info USA, does not necessarily mean that we endorse them. The purpose of this app is to provide you with a resource in the palm of your hand that has anything and everything bike related on it. Our goal is to make this app as complete and accurate as we possibly can and to have Bikers Info USA be your primary app on your phone.


Bikers Info USA will never take a political position, rather we choose to support the issues that pertain to our users. We have no political or club affiliation and we will remain that way as long as this app is active and available. At the same time we will always be 100% supported by the advertisers you see listed on Bikers Info USA. In other words this app will NEVER charge the end user, it will always be FREE to download and FREE to the use.


Our content will always be tasteful and non-offensive, we will not show nudity nor profanity. Think of it this way, if your kid happens to download this app and you didn't know, then we don't want to play a part in exposing them to content that you wouldn't approve of.


Bikers Info USA would appreciate your support, it's easy to do. If you use an advertiser you found on this app, please let them know. If you have a friend or family member that can benefit from having Bikers Info USA on their phone, let them know about it and tell them it's FREE to download and use.