About Us

The original concept of the H2OG FOGGER was developed in 2020 by two brothers who have ridden motorcycles many miles in extremely hot weather. After gaining experience with misting and outdoor cooling systems in the hot temperatures of Arizona, Todd & Wayne began developing systems that made their motorcycle rides more comfortable and enjoyable.

Many prototype versions later, with a variety of pumps, water pressures, PCB's, reservoirs and safety features, the misting and evaporative cooling system known as H2OG FOGGER was developed. Fast forward to 2023, and the tested and proven systems are ready for market. This allows others to enjoy comfortable riding when temperatures are hot and uncomfortable.

The system is easy to install, fits in a small portion of a motorcycle saddlebag, and is controllable from the handlebars with a remote switch. It also has variable speeds to accommodate a variety of different weather conditions. The entire system can easily by removed in cooler months when additional saddlebag storage space is needed.

Misting systems are used widely in many parts of the world to improve outdoor comfort. Now, with the H2OG FOGGER, motorcycles can finally benefit from this technology, too. We found that misting, or evaporative cooling, works great to cool you down, and are proud to share this technology with the world of motorcycle riders!