The John & Heather Show

The John & Heather Show is a made up of a biker couple who want to share our unique biker lifestyle with you. We both have been riding motorcycles since we were small children & have developed a sincere love for them. We ride our motorcycle almost everywhere we go, shopping, gym, appointments, etc. We love the sound of our pipes as we start Hells Machine up & enjoy riding her anywhere and everywhere. We do not belong to any MC, however we support everyone who loves to ride. We consider ourselves blind to any colors and have friends in many different MC’s & enjoy going to many different clubhouses. We enjoy traveling to different motorcycle rally', events, poker runs & get togethers. We love the excitement that we feel when we ride to attend an event or rally. We enjoy meeting all types of motorcyclist & swapping stories. In addition, we enjoy filming almost everything we do with our motorcycle. We even like to film while we are riding on our skoot!! We love to ride so much we have taught our young pup to love to ride also & now Viixxen is part of our show...she rides everywhere with us!!