Torque Motorcycle Company

940 Main Street, Sturgis, SD


 TORQUE Motorcycle Co. stands for something powerful. We represent the idea of leaving your mark on this world. You have one life, why live it full of restrictions?

Our job is to provide you with premium lifestyle clothing. We have been in the clothing industry for eight years, so we have the eye for a quality product.

A majority of our product is manufactured by us here in New Jersey. We hand stitch and hand print every piece. We take a lot of pride in what we send out to you. 

No Rules. Ride free. Get out there, ride, and LEAVE YOUR TREAD.




We grew up with a passion for motorcycles.

Dirtbikes, Harleys, BMX bikes. Riding trails, jumping ramps in the street, seeing how fast we can go on our dirtbikes up the street, taking the Harleys on nice trips. 

We also love design. Creating things from ideas.

Mix them both together (+ a little bit of crazy), and you have Torque Motorcycle Co.

The idea for Torque Motorcycle Co was created in a time of uncertainty.

Career, family, and relationship troubles. 

Had a previous business that failed, lost a couple relationships, lots of debt, working construction and other not-so fun jobs in the meantime to hold myself over.  

The Torque logo was created in a cafe, on my laptop, on my Saturdays off from construction work. 2-3 weeks at it and it was finalized. 

Many people said, you shouldn't be worrying about a new company right now. You should be focusing on getting a real job.....

Absolutely not. 

When we launched, it was definitely a slow start- January 2019. Not a big riding month, not a lot of exposure, but it was a perfect time to develop. Still working part time somewhere to keep myself and the new Torque brand afloat. 

Spring time comes and we start to see traction. More people wearing Torque, people enjoying our clothing, word getting out. Still not fully there. 

I started to find that my part time job seemed to want more of my attention and less focus on my brand. 

Absolutely not. 

August 2019, rode my Harley to what no one knew was my last day working for someone else. 

I leave the building at 12:00, after having the manager telling me to do his job. I started up my Harley in the parking lot. The owner asks, "Wait, where are you going?" 


Rode away (Fast and loud) and never went back.

I found that once I devoted all of my time to the brand, things really started to take off. More time to design, introduce more products, research materials, focus on better photography, be entirely part of the motorcycle lifestyle, and much more.

We went to a lot of trade shows and motorcycle events. Strange days, Motorama, Harley Rendezvous, Meadowlands Flat Track Racing, to name a few. I slept in the car and tents behind my booth, things of that sort, to save money in the beginning. We met a ton of great people and realized how tight the motorcycle community is.

Fast forward to 2022 and things are really starting to shape up. We are now shipping to countries across the world. Italy, France, United Arab Emirates, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and so on. We are also carried in 6 Harley Davidson dealerships which is an absolute dream come true. 

It truly is amazing to see our brand worn across the world. From something that was started with $0, no loans, no kickstarter. Just designed in a cafe on my laptop, worked on in the basement at home, and now working from our warehouse in New Jersey. It wasn't easy, but it's been a lot of fun. Tons of riding, meeting new people, and exploring. We get to ride motorcycles and design cool clothing + accessories for you guys to enjoy for a living and love every minute of it. We couldn't be more grateful, seriously.

Thank you all for supporting, repping, and spreading the word about Torque Motorcycle Co. Plenty more on the way!