Inferno USA

1304 Main Street, Sturgis, SD 57785

The Inferno Difference

In 2010, Inferno USA Eyewear was born. Inferno was founded on integrity.

We will always strive to make and keep our customers happy for life. This is why we offer our "lifetime" warranty.

We also only use the highest quality materials for our frames. This ensures maximum life and enjoyment of our products.

We promise to always create the most "BADASS" products on the planet and we'll never forget our roots.

Thank you for your support. Remember, "quality doesn't cost, it pays". Owner/Founder Justin Noel


A hallmark of INFERNO has been our connection to our customers and our unwavering support we provide them after the sale. We know that your complete satisfaction is the only way you continue to make us your eyewear manufacture of choice.



I have not taken my INFERNO Sunglasses off since I arrived in Sturgis. By Far the best feeling glasses I’ve had on my head! Thank YOU INFERNO USA — Clay Hair

I bought my infernos 4 or 5 years ago from Laconia. I recently lost them and bought a cheapo pair off amazon and quickly realized how great my infernos were. I treat my stuff like crap. Never kept them in a case and never got scratched or bent. I will be purchasing another pair. — Gary Stark OC Bike Week rocked!

Thanks for my two new pair of glasses. They are the best, most comfortable aluminum frame on the market; and the HD lens rock! — John Doe